Weird issues with Enerwave RSM2 Micro Switch

Hey guys. I don’t post in here that often but I have plenty of experience with ST and Z-Wave devices. I have some videos with my ST setup and integration on my Youtube Channel. You can check it out if you’re interested.

Anyways. I’m having a weird issue with my Enerwave RSM2 Micro switches. I have several of them around my house but the most common use is in a dual gang box for Fan/Light control. It’s the typical setup where one switch controls the light on the fan and the other switch controls the fan. Everything appears to be wired properly but if I flip the wall switch for the fan while the fan is on, it turns the fan off but causes the light to flicker. It’s almost as if the micro switch is sending a short burst to the light’s aux wire, causing it to turn on briefly. Sometimes the ceiling fan doesn’t even shut off and just stays on and requires me to flip the switch a second time. If I use ST to turn the fan off, I don’t have this issue. It only happens when the switch is used.

I thought this was an anomaly but I had the exact same issue on another fan/light combo in my kitchen. Do these Micro Switches often have issues with fans?

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I can have a guess. This weirdness is probably caused by the reverse current rush of the motor when turning off and the position of the physical dumb switch. I suspect you are using a single pole dumb switch and this flicking and weirdness is only happened when the switch is in the off(down) position and switching to ON(up)? I didn’t look into the spec of the RSM2 micro relay but possibly it’s not for fan control.

Yes I’m using a single pole switch. It happens regardless of whether i’m flipping the switch up or down. I’m also guessing it’s being caused by a current rush but I’d like to know how to avoid it. The RSM2 specifically states that it works well for fan/light combos, which is what most people use it for. I can’t be the only person with this issue.

Depend on the type of fan you are using. You could be the only person with this issue here. Also could be you don’t have a good bonded neutral? Are you using LED or CFL bulbs? Try using an incandescent for testing the flickering and abnormal switch behavior. Incandescent bulb has delay on discharge voltage when switching off and could help the surge of your motor.

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Hmm. The bonded neutral answer intrigues me. I have CFLs in that light but I didn’t have the issue prior to the Micro switches so it’s very possible that its a neutral issue. How could i tell?

You could measure voltage between neutral and ground and should see zero with power on and dumb switch in closed(up) position or measure resistance between ground and neutral and should see 0 Ohm or close to 0 Ohm with circuit breaker off and dumb switch in open position.
I still think you should test with an incandescent bulb. I know it wasn’t a problem prior to this but you are introducing an electronics circuit (emerwave relay) into the system which could be the cause.

Did anyone find a cause or a fix to this? I just installed one in my bedroom the other day and am having the same issue but it happens with the ST app as well as when using the physical switch. I did notice that it started after I installed the Enerwave RSM2 device handler, when it was the stock z-wave handler it was not a problem.