Weird issue with my Routines

I have a good night routine. One of the items is to turn on my bedroom fan. For the past two night exactly 5 minutes after the routine runs my fan turns off. I look and it is sent a turn off signal. I have nothing else set to turn it off. Does anyone have any idea or anything like this happening? I have not idea where to look. Also, once it stop I can turn it back on and it stays on. Any idea or help would be great.

If you go to that device in the Things tab, click on the smartapps tab in the upper right-hand side. There you will see the apps/routines/webcore pistons that device is associated with. You can click on each one to see if perhaps one is shutting it off.

You can also look at your recently tab in the mobile app for the device. Depending on how the device handler was written, it may show where the command to turn off came from.
‘Take that info and follow jkp suggestion in the smart apps tab and click on the piston or app that is making the turn off command to be sent to your device.

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