Weird error

Just got my ST a few days ago. My wife uses a mobile phone, my daughter a the presence censor that came with it. I set my daughter up to text me when she leaves the house. My wife went on her morning walking while my daughter purse was at home. While my wife was out I got a text that my daughter left, when my wife got back text that she was home. Its two different devices, clearly correctly. Its like it got them confused.


Have you checked through the settings of this notification you have setup again to make sure it 110% doesn’t cross over anywhere or that everything is correct ? sounds very weird . . .

has it happened several times or just the once . . . did your daughter go with your wife or did your wife take your daughters keys with her presence fob on . . . did your daughter sneak out the same time as your wife left for a walk ?

to the eye it looks more like human error than ST error but you never know, maybe you identified something . . .

I double checked, as it was working fine yesterday. My wife uses a iphone and daughter the presence fob so its pretty easy setup.

I am using a Smart App that I got from the IDE, not the built in one. If that makes sense. Maybe that is it.

Was this the first time you got any alerts since setting this up, or was it previously working? What is the name of the app you installed?

yes , it has worked previously no problem. Presence Text Change. The logs clearly slow the FOB leaving and returning and according to my wife it coincides with when her mobile phone was out. I am at working. I can do some testing when I get home

That is really weird. If the fob’s event log is showing the fob coming and going, it doesn’t sound like it’s an issue with the app. May be worth sending an email to support to see what they say

hmmmm very weird . . . best option i can think of is to try and replicate it again when you get home . . .

so once your home, take your wifes phone and walk 2 mins down the road till it registers as away, then come back . . . then do the same with your daughters presence fob and see if it kicks up any issues . . .

Yep that is what I was thinking.

One thing to check is. Go into the SmartThings app and click on the gear icon of the fob and look under activity. Do the same with the icon of your wife’s phone. It will shows the log of activities. Maybe you mistakenly named the Fob as your wife’s phone when you add the alert notification?