Weird CoRE issue with Wemo

For some strange reason, my Wemo switches and light switches are no longer working properly with CoRE. I can turn them on and off just fine within SmartThings, either directly or via a simulated switch. But… my CoRE routines will turn on the light switches when a simulated switch is turned on, but won’t turn them off when the simulated switch is turned off. I also have two Wemo outlet switches that aren’t being turned on by CoRE, but are being turned off. Bizarre.

Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions?

The Wemo Connect smartapp got replaced by the SuperLan connection. You’ll see in your IDE that the wemos are now called LAN Wemo Switch
I had to remove my wemo devices and re-add them to get them to work

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It could very well be because of the smartthings update that’s causing your problems.

However, just about the same time as the smarthings update issue occurred, one of my IFTTT actions failed to turn off my wemo light switch occasionally. And I never had issue with controlling any of my WEMO devices with IFTTT before. And the IFTTT activity log didn’t report any error, just showing them as executed.

Where do I find the code for super lan?