Weird behavior when try to add new device

Hi , just got my new SmartThings Hub,
i had spare Door Windows sensor from a GoControl kit.
Trying to add it and using GoControl when i get to instruction to put the Battery On and press the switch for 1 sec the Hub already scanned and find one of my 3 Wemo devices all the time.
Notice that trying to add anything that i dont have get connected to one of my 3 Wemo switches all the time. The only thing so far that i had success is a Leviton plug switch.

Is it normal? In Wink if i add a specific device it wait forever for that device until i cancell.
Seem that SmartThings is scanning my network and add what ever it find.

Just retry and this time was able to add my door contact but it did also add one off my Wemo switch. very annoying.