Weekly Update from Alex - 07/10/16

If they have already started the operation then the patients heart rate is beating VERY, VERY slow. Trying to access rooms, devices and recent activity is running at a snails pace.

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They started the sedation.


Minion Dave was sent to retrieve the banana peel under the Java machine leg. Knocked out Ticker on the way in, deleted some Cassandra clusters on the way out. Overall, pretty good results, according to my risk vs damage assesment.


Looks like the fun has started…

Ticker is ticking right along… Oh wait, that’s my clock… Not my schedules…


Failures? Details?

Lights coming on with motion and not turning off.

Must be minion Dave, he went back in to pick up a little hair on the floor. Garfield hair…

Reporting several timed even failures due to apps taking too long to execute.
Example; light on with motion, then off after 5 minutes.
The off command fails because the countdown makes it to zero but takes too long on the “off” command.

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Had a couple of these earlier as well…

@slagle. Is this just the beginning?

@bamarayne @ady624 @JH1 @SBDOBRESCU

There are no active deployments happening today. If you are still experiencing issues send me a PM.

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It would have been oh so much better… if there was some kind of deployment…

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Thanks for your offer Jody, I wish I have time to troubleshoot with you, tonight. I had a couple of minor issues. An instance of SL that didn’t want to trigger but now it does (on lock). That one I am keeping an eye on, because it happened yesterday too. My system seemed more sluggish than normal on motion events. And was getting errors all over in the Android app earlier, but now it seems to be ok.

So just perfectly timed with the last major outage. Almost 45 days to the day. Does ST time their downtime now or are these just weird coincidences?

Anyway, good luck.


Hi Jody, thanks… But it seems to have just been a one time hiccup.

yeah one time hiccup here too. left 13 bulbs on last night downstair :frowning:

Twice that I know of, Alexa said, “OK!” but no lights turned off. Tried again, all was good. So, sporadic failures here – otherwise, no noticeable issues in either of our locations.

Edit: automations that turned those lights ‘on’ have never failed to date…

Android presence stopped working again. Lights not going off when motion is not detected (been working fine for weeks now)…

Still weirdness going on

On a brighter side, I was able to navigate several Pistons yesterday w/o all the red banner errors/warnings, what’s up with that?


I haven’t seen the red banner is a really long time… Odd

We have a light that failed to turn off last night. SmartThings said the command was sent and changed the status, but the light itself would not turn off. Not sure what was happening there. It was that way for at least two hours last night but was fine again this morning. ( we didn’t change anything in the interim, this was definitely a system failure.)

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The other night, I had a desk lamp go on and then off after a few minutes but it would do that every hour or so. The only trigger I have for that is a motion detector but it didn’t detect any motion all night. It stopped doing it after I sent a command to shut it off in the morning.