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Weekly Update from Alex - 06/09/16

(Bobby) #34

In case you guys didn’t get the memo:

Some users in North America are unable to access the SmartThings mobile app and Developer Tools, We are working to address the issue and will provide updates on our progress here.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #36

““Weekly” Update”

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #37

When it’s convenient, and there is good news. LOL

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(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #38

in a few weeks update

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(Mike) #39

I came home today and as I was walking home, I got an email that “some users” (maybe just those on this board?) were experiencing connectivity issues. My shm alarm was armed, but the door was unlocked (difficult to explain / prove, but a bug - i have a smart app that locks my door when the alarm is armed). Couldn’t disarm the alarm. And every time I tried to open the Android app it crashed. I wrote a note on the crash report like “this sucks guys.”

After manually disabling the siren and answering the call from Scout, and turning off all my lights (which come on in an intrusion) by hand like a heathen, I noticed that smart lighting wasnt working for the automation with my ST brand motion sensors and basic zwave light switches.

So, the connectivity issue knocked out my basic automation too? I thought some stuff like smartlighting executed without the cloud. Anyway…

A few weeks ago my brother in law asked about getting SmartThings to replace his Vera (for the integration with a paid monitoring service.) I said I couldn’t recommend SmartThings yet. I’m glad I didn’t.

I hope thIngs work out for SmartThings and the community. But I’m fed up and want a refund. This wasn’t the first thing but the last straw.


The official “smart lighting” automations can run when the smart things cloud is down, but only if they include only devices which are eligible to run locally. Which is some of the devices connected directly to the hub that are using standard device handlers. If you are using any custom code they can’t run locally. Also, integrations like harmony and the Phillips hue bridge require a smart things cloud even if the communications appears to be local. Smarttiles won’t work.

And the official smartthings mobile app won’t work, because it talks to the cloud. (It doesn’t have to, but that is the way that smart things designed it).

Also, I don’t think the scout integration can run locally, but you would need to check on that one. I know smartthings has no way of sending notifications if your Internet is down.

So if you have set some specific devices up ahead of time to run with a “smart lighting” automation, they should. Everything else needs the cloud.

(Mike) #41

Looks like the reason the smart lighting automation didn’t run is because the house was in “Away” mode and I couldn’t change to “Home”.

The Scout integration did work, in so far as Scout was notified and called me. SHM worked (turning on all lights, sounded the alarm.)

But the thing that bugs me is that nothing is externally accessible - the app was crashing (!) consistently and there’s really no way to just turn off the alarm. There’s no backup website, no fall back. How about an open SSH port on the hub or an httpd insurance running? Something.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #42

Updates are as consistent as the product.

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(Kevin) #43

Now that things are no longer progressing, it looks like we’ll no longer be getting the weekly updates.

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(Alex) #44

Hi all - apologies for missing the weekly update last week. I will double up this week with a brief summary on the outage from last week and then plan to post a separate update on this week’s progress.

Weekly Update From Alex
(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #45

[quote=“alex, post:44, topic:50031, full:true”]
…the outage from last week…[/quote]

…and the outage/s this week too?

(Neal ( / #46

I might be the only exception as far as I can find… I didn’t experience any outage yesterday although last week’s did impact me specifically with access to the IDE.

(Bobby) #47

Ouch, if Patrick turns caustic, than the sky has fallen.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #48

Sky has fallen…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #49

So, we were seeing a lot of positives there for a while… What’s going on?

How about an update that’s actually an update?
How about giving us something more than smoke and mirrors?
How about fixing the damn system?

As of right this moment, again, the app isn’t working, the api isn’t working, and guess what else isn’t working?

Lots of backwards movement this week or so.

Did ST get a new integration? Are we going to see an announcement about how you can sit in your broke down Yugo and wish you could control your home through the new Yugo/ST integration. What’s the slogan gonna be? “Smartthings, controlling your home on the go… Nowhere”.

I’m just really sick of what should be a stable platform that’s actually quicksand.

(Jovan) #50

i think the Yugo was more consistent and had fewer failures than ST… and Yugo was a piece of $#!%

(joe) #51

The platform was stable for a while but this last week or two everything seems to have fallen off the cliff. Simple things like taking an action based on some event work about half the time now and even when it does trigger the action they are at least twice as slow to occur. I have about 3 time based events and they seem to be working about half the time as well.

Based on history it seems pretty clear that the base architecture of the platform is fragile and easily broken. Maybe it is time to rethink it?

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(Never Trust @bamarayne) #52

Not trying to be a jerk here, actually trying very hard to be the opposite…

But the “Weekly Update” seems to be a bit of a microcosm of ST at large.

There is both an implied and explicit commitment to provide weekly updates to the community by the Chief Executive. This wasn’t just a casual commitment without cause, this was in the face of poor performance and reliability that resulted in loss of faith - not only in the systems, the engineering but also in the leadership.

Following a week of really bad outages, the worst since the weekly updates started, the commitment is not delivered upon. This is the Chief. The Chief has a calendar. The Chief has assistants, etc to help keep things on schedule. Yet, no update.

Then, the response is… “Sorry about that, will get to it eventually…”

Is this the culture of ST? Is this the sense of urgency, follow through on commitments the organization has? Is this the example from the top that is followed? Seems it’s possible.Everyone at ST can see this thread. If one is being led by example, this is not a good one.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #53

@alex What’s going on at ST? An update would be nice. Rumors are flying around regarding layoffs, cuts, departures, etc. Who’s left? Who’s gone? What is the future of ST? Should we be looking for alternatives?

Silence makes not answering these far worse. Where is the hope that this platform isn’t just rotting on the vine? Has the runway run out of tarmac? It’s almost exactly 2 years since the acquisition… Are all the founders just bailing ship? What’s up with Samsung and Artik? Joyent and the 1.2 billion investment in IoT? Any of that coming to ST?

Please, update us as to what is going on at ST. Address these rumors and tell us what the future holds.

(ocpd+adhd+alz+md+hfa+fms+lol=me :)) #54

From the status page and incident report e-mail this morning…

“…The appropriate servers were restarted…”

When it’s my own IT infrastructure here at home (can I call it that?), a ‘server restart’ is embarrassing enough, but I usually get away with it, because…well…who’s gonna notice? lol

For you guys though? On what level is a server restart the professional solution to an outage bad enough to warrant a post on the status page?

I know I’m a bit out of touch with your infrastructure and all, but wow…

Hey, Tony! out when you walk by that computer sitting, precariously perched next to the coffee mug on my desk. It’s the new server for the #%$^@#$ system. Once I have it stabilized enough to the point where it only needs to be rebooted once every few days or so, I will put it down the hall in the janitor’s closet with the other server.

p.s. Note: I’m a big ST fan, and I’m still not going anywhere. I didn’t mean to be harsh above. It was meant to be humorous (again, I suck at humor). Please take it as lightly as possible.