Webhooks from third party device clouds, specifically Ecobee?

In the SmartApp documentation there is the following information (emphasis added):

There are some outbound connections in which we are using OAuth to connect to a third party device cloud (Ecobee, Quirky, Jawbone, etc). In these cases it is the third party device cloud that issues an OAuth token to us so that we can call their APIs.

However these same third party device clouds also support webhooks and subscriptions that allow us to receive notifications when something changes in their cloud.

Do these “webhooks” actually exist? The current Ecobee APIs do not support pushing information, only pulling. There is some information on the Ecobee developer forum about push APIs coming soon, but they have not been published yet…

So, is this just a little bug in the docs, or are there any webhooks available for use by SmartApps for Ecobee?