Webee -> Calling something Smart doesn’t make it so


Webee is shipping soon. If any one of you have ordered it , how are you planning to use it along with ST ?

Webee advertises as - “Calling something Smart doesn’t make it so” -> http://www.webeelife.com/en/blog/calling-something-smart-doesn’t-make-it-so

I wonder how they will compete with ST with such a bold statement.

wow so many solutions for home automation! competition is good it will push Smartthings to move fast. It seems it will manage cameras better that Smartthings right now and the interface looks cleaner.

What’s funny is that all these “smart home” commercials invariably focus on three things - turning on TV, turning lights on/off and making coffee. They want you believe that by automating these three things they will make your life a bliss. Well, guess what… If those were my three biggest problems I’d be the happiest man alive. How about automating taking out garbage for me. :smile:


I’d be interested to see how well it “learns” what my habits are and how it make recommendations based on that. I’m not sure how much I’d trust that to happen.

Also… I found the little write up on the link above to be pretty bad:

Um… yes it does. Something doesn’t have to be focused on saving energy or being cheap to be smart.

Define profit. Are you talking just money? Honestly I expect my home automation might save me a little bit, but not much. But I “profit” from having some level of security on my home. I “profit” from being reminded when I’ve left my garage door open. I “profit” from lots of conveniences that don’t necessarily save me money.

Then the whole second half of the story talks about: Hubs that can handle multiple protocols and the ability to tailor the system to exactly what you want. This seems no different than nearly every other system out there.