WebCoRe won't read Ecobee 4 thermostat state

I have an EcoBee 4 running Yves’s MyEcobeeInit. I am primarily using it to switch the EcoBee into Home/Away when SmartThings goes into Home/Away. My goal:

I leave:

-Smartthings Goes into Away mode

-Smartthings stores either “heat” or “cool” into a variable depending on the current mode.

-Smartthings triggers Ecobee into Away mode and changes it to “Auto”

I arrive:

-Smartthings goes into Home

-Smartthings triggers Ecobee into “Home”

-Smartthings sets Ecobee to either “cool” or “heat” depending on what the variable reads.

The problem is that WebCoRe can’t seem to read the thermostat’s modes. I’ve tested the code using something as simple as “if thermostat’s mode is heat, turn on a light bulb” and it refuses to run properly. Any ideas?