Webcore. was_greater_than bug?


I am trying to setup a webcore piston on my washer’s outlet.
The same exact piston worked great in Core, but I am having troubles implementing it in Webcore.

The condition I have is:

Washing Machine's power was greater than 10W for 1min

this evaluates to (in the log):

Comparison (decimal) 16.3 was_greater_than (decimal) 10.0 = false (42ms)

which is wrong?! it should be true.
What am I doing wrong?

Using webcore v0.2.0ec

I can’t provide you with any help… but over on the webCoRE Community I’m sure someone can. Come join us.

Thank you xdreamwalker.

I have attempted to create an account with 2 different browsers, without luck. I enter all the fields correctly, but the “Sign Up” button is greyed out

Well nuts. Any ad-blocker? I just popped open an incognito chrome window and had no trouble.

Check the logs for that device. Was it continuously over 10 for the last minute? It is larger now, but was there any lower than 10 value in the last minute?