webCoRE vs Home Assistant: basic principles transferable?


I recently got interested in home automation. I just got started and own just a handful of devices (ST hub, 3x Sonos, 3 hue motion sensors, 5 hue lights, and some wifi plugs and bulbs (smart life/tuya).

We have a house renovation pending in a few years, during which we will likely be installing some hard wired KNX domotica. Before we do so, I would like to get a grasp of the principle of home automation, since it will help me make a better informed decision regarding domotica components to be installed. Therefore, ideally, I would want to combine the reliability of a hard wired KNX system for the most basic components (switches, lights, blinds, etc) , together with the flexibility of wifi/zigbee/z-wave adhoc add-ons, to expand the system as time progresses. I think this would require something like Home Assistant to link everything together.

Now given I own a ST hub , I am trying to decide whether I should start to learn webCoRE, or just jump feet first into the HA ecosystem.

So, my main questions to this community therefore is: Is the learning curve associated with Home Assistant less steep for those already familiar with webCoRE coding / automation principles?

Grateful to hear your thoughts,

I have used webcore for a few years. I am just now starting to work with HA. Webcore is definitely easier then HA. Using webcore is making HA a little easier i think. I am mainly looking into HA for the Ring Alarm integration. Webcore is really powerful though. I might do s combination between webcore and HA in the long run.