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WebCoRE Status Update (also Nest it would seem)

All webCoRE domains are currently down, including the forum, wiki and webCoRE dashboard itself.

This is due to a networking fault in the Google Cloud that webCoRE uses.

The WebCoRE servers themselves appear to be working.

During this outage your pistons will continue to operate as normal, but you will not be able to view or edit them.


I wonder if this is what has caused the Nest outage too.

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Almost certainly the same thing

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FYI, my webCoRE Dashboard appears to be working.

(Screenshots from Ady, IP’s redacted)

Google Network Down:

webCoRE Servers are up:

Will keep an eye on Google Cloud’s incident to make sure peace is restored in the kingdom when they’re back :slight_smile:


Yes, I can get the dashboard now also, but not the forum.

Looks like Google are switching back on bit by bit.

Anyone noticed the fake 5GE logo AT&T is using in the US? lol

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A friend of mine located in Ohio was getting this on his phone several weeks back. I’ve yet to see it where I am (TX).

Boca Raton, FL here. It’s been showing up for a few weeks now

Haha… I noticed and wondered… with all the Huawei issues I thought that had been held up?

It’s a marketing gimmick - really 4G LTE rebranded as 5G Evolution - not really 5G :wink:


Thanks for the updates! I just installed WebCore after being a Rule Machine user for quite some time. I figured it was time to migrate for more flexibility and greater granular control. Spent a good part of the day yesterday creating the same automations I had within Rule Machine.

After I finished I tweaked lots of automations to get them working correctly. It was a great way to get my feet wet with developing and importing Pistons.

Afterwards I thought . This is such a powerful tool and was super pleased.

Then today I wanted to create a few more Pistons. Could not logon to the Webcore front end and thought “oh great” what good is WebCore if I it is unreliable.

I was a bit WebSore LOL . Then learned that its on Googles End by reading this thread.
Is there a standard outage notification area that we should be checking? Is it a thread on the forum? Is there one for all outages so that we can setup a bookmark or link to it?

My Nest cameras are down…wish I went the Ubiqutui route for cameras instead.

We don’t have a standard outage area, though I will always try to post something on this forum (or the WC forum if possible).

Outages are very rare btw…

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Now is the time to go out and get free stuff lol :japanese_ogre:


…and is not even August 31st yet. It’s time for non-Google stuff lol

Thanks for the info Robin.

Does refreshing the Google Cloud Status Page make the resolution of the issue faster like a kid constantly pushing the button at a crosswalk to get the WALK signification to appear? LOL

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Still have an old DVR system and an IP cam…so I am still safe. haha

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