webCore rest call via ISY

I have an ISY 994i on my Insteon system. What I’m trying to do is issue a rest API call to webCore from my ISY when an INSTEON switch gets powered off. My ISY can do so, but I am being told that a : in a URL other than to specify port is ‘an illegal character’ and can’t be used in a URL. webCore requires a : before and after the piston ID… So I seem to be screwed. Does anyone have any ideas? Is ISY full of crap about the : being an illegal character? Some said I could possibly ‘re-encode’ the url?


Will it allow the character if your encode it?



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I also have an ISY hub and have updated my HousePanel dashboard to support it natively. This includes rules that work across hubs. So if you use HousePanel you can trigger a piston using a HousePanel rule triggered from an ISY state change. I do this all the time because there is no other easy way to mix rule logic across different hub ecosystems that I have found. I do think the WebCore url trigger will work if you encode the URL but setting each trigger up in ISY portal is a pain in the butt. Info on HousePanel including install guide is available at http://www.housepanel.net or on this forum.

This looks like it may have worked, doing the #3A. Thank you!

Well, it worked I thought, and now it’s not. I’m really disappointed in ISY. I had to pay for a ‘network module’ addon just to do a freaking HTTP call, and it can’t even do that. Seriously, feeling very ripped off.