WebCORE Recurring Daily Events Firing Inconsistently

Alrighty, I want to do some things a few times a day. Here is my script:

I’m having two problems currently:

P1. Not all events are firing every day. Check out some of my logs here:

As you can see, on July 3rd it fired at 7am and 8pm, but the 9:00pm one didn’t fire at all.

Another example:

Morning and late night didn’t fire, but the 8pm fired.

P2. The last time I saved my piston, the “next run” seems to be stuck in the past.

I’m sure I can just open it and re-save it to “fix” it but it could happen again…

Temporary Solution: I might just make a separate piston for every single dim change. (One for 8pm, one for 7am, one for 9pm) But… it’s going to get clunky and labor intensive for a bunch of dimmers.

Thanks for any help or advice you may have on this!

That is what happens when ST misses time events. webCoRE just got its recovery procedures implemented so you may want to update to the latest version.

What I think happens is certain “sharp” hours are of high demand and that is why sometimes some schedules get dropped. webCoRE now uses all pistons to recover those pistons that missed their time events. There is also a recurring recovery that can be set in the settings to 5,10, 15, 30, 60, or 180 minutes.


Thank you @ady624! I’ve updated to latest version and I’m going to throw the recurring recovery on at 60 mins. Appreciate it!