webCoRE purpose for when true/when false

What the need is for when true/when false in webCoRE? For example, consider the following: webcore.

When should you use the “when true/when false” sections and when should you use “then/else”? They seem to serve the same purpose, so I’m not understanding why they both exist.

My guess would be to provide some people a better sense of comfort for how things read.

But functionally speaking, I agree, there’s not any difference.

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You will get more valuable info and a precise answer in the WebCoRE community. There are people here that know, but the WebCoRE afficiados hangout over there.

Was very useful back in the CoRE days…However, with webCoRE allowing as many If statements as needed, the When True and When False doesn’t get as much use from me as it did back in the CoRE Days…


Thanks, with some additional if/then logic you could do the same, but I can see how that could shorten your code.

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