WebCORE pistons triggered by Harmony activity switches are slow to respond


I’m new to SmartThings and I am trying to integrate a couple of SmartThings power outlets into a Harmony activity, such that there is a delay between powering on the outlets.

It looked like the best way to do this is using webCORE, as delays can’t be used between home-control commands in Harmony activities.

I have successfully linked SmartThings and my Harmony Hub and created a couple of pistons - one to turn on the amps when a Harmony activity is switched on and one to turns the amps off.

Everything works as expected, except that, whilst the Harmony activity runs fine in around 10 seconds, the pistons take about 4 minutes to be triggered.

I am presuming that this is not the expected behaviour and I am wondering what can be done to speed up the firing of the pistons?

I’m attaching a snapshot of the piston in it’s current form.

To make the Harmony activities trigger in realtime, you need to add the ST Harmony activity switch to the Harmony activity.

In other words, just like you can add ST devices to Harmony Control and control those devices within the Harmony activity, you can do the same with the actual Harmony activity device that mirrors the Harmony activity in ST.

Add ST Devices to include the Harmony Activities as they populate in ST.

Then in the Harmony activity, add Home Control (same activity switch as seen in ST)

For Example:
Watch Fire TV
Turn On TV
Select TV input
Home Control
“Watch Fire TV” On

Same thing for end
Home Control
“Watch Fire TV” Off

This way, whenever you turn on/off a Harmony Activity, it will immediately send that command to ST to also turn on/off the ST Switch that mirrors that Activity.

Hope that makes sense.




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Thanks Ron. I think I understand what needs to be done, but I can’t work out how to do it.

I have all of my Harmony activities mirrored in the ST app as devices and can trigger the switches in ST (see screenshot below). The switches in ST do trigger the pistons in real-time.

But I don’t see the ST switches for Harmony activities when I try to edit home control in sequences for activities in the Harmony app (I only see the two power outlets - see screenshot below).

Is this where I should expect the ST switches to show up, and if so, how do I get this to happen?

One additional question - using this method, aren’t all the activity steps from the original activity in Harmony now duplicated in the Harmony activity (once I add the ST switch?). Maybe it doesn’t matter as they are all skipped quickly as the duplicated steps don’t actually change the status of any Harmony devices?

In the Harmony App, goto:
Harmony Setup
Add/Edit Devices and Activities

From there, you will be able to add new ST Decives and your Harmony Activity “Switches” should be selectable.

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Thanks Ron. All works fine now. It was the re-login part that I was missing.

As everything works fine I am assuming that the actions from the original Harmony activity are not duplicated using this method of adding the ST (Harmony activity) switch, or that they are simply ignored because they don’t change the current state of each device. Is this the case?

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From my experience, I have not had any issues with this and I have 4 Hubs.

On my Harmony App there is no Smarthings device. If I “Add Device” - it doesn’t show up here. What to do?