Webcore Pistons not firing (November 5, 2017)

OK, so it’s not me going mad! I’ll stop trying to reinstall and reset everything here. Anyone got any idea when webcore will be back up and running? @ady624


Same here,

Same here, Been busting my brain to figure out why a new piston I’m busy with, would not fire.

Ditto. I have a piston that emails me at 4am everyday which is not working.

None of my WebCore pistons are working. Seems a WebCore server issue.

Known issue with ST as a result of the time change. Adrian is working on it

Also, WebCore has a new forum, would be best to visit/post there where all the WebCore expertise hangs out


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Fix is out… Please update to 0fc to get it back working


Awesome job, all working here.

I’ve update and mine still isn’t working. The next scheduled run time is an hour off because of DST.

This is probably because the time was scheduled before DST change hence it will be 1 hour out.
You can leave it alone and all subsequent schedules will be OK.
If you edit then save it should change. Maybe a test will sort it out.
Give it a try.

All my sensors in the house are dead right now, nothing is firing. I can manually execute a piston but that’s it.
Nothing it time based either.

Update WebCORE in IDE.

If your pistons are scheduled 1h off what hey should be, just wait for them to run (at the wrong time) and next time they will schedule correctly.

Doesn’t work. I just made a new Piston and it also showed the wrong next schedule run time. I’ve updated webCoRE in IDE. I’ve tried to edit the Piston and still developing the issue of the wrong next run schedule.

Moved the time up an hour. So if I want my Piston to run @ 6:50AM, I move the time to 7:50AM and it runs as schedule.

You hope. :wink:

Interestingly, whilst everything looks fine from the app, most of my ZigBee (Lightify 4x) switches are still nothing kicking anything off. Any ideas?

It’s Aliiiive!
Updated to new version and all is working again.

Same here. All next scheduled pistons are an hour early for me, after updating webcore and re-saving all time-based pistons.

None of my pistons were firing this morning when I got up - checked this thread, updated Webcore smart app - all working now

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