WebCoRE Piston Customization Assistance needed

I have 2 Netatmo Weather stations - 1 on the main level and 1 in the basement of my home. I have both integrated with SmartThings and what I’d like to do is monitor the CO2 levels and when they reach a certain threshold, change my Ecobee thermostat fan control to “On” from auto. Once the CO2 levels drop below a defined threshold, I’d like the fan mode to return to “Auto.”

I have most of it right I believe, but the current piston is polling basically every 5 minutes and pushing a notification that “CO2 Levels Normal.” I’d like to only get a notification that the levels are beyond the set threshold, then keep the fan in “On” mode until they fall below the threshold - both with the appropriate push notifications.

Here’s the current piston:

Note - “Thermostat 1” and “Thermostat 2” are the Netatmo Weather Stations. “Thermostat 4” and “Thermosat 3” are the Ecobee3 units.

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