WebCoRe: IF Sensor X is open, ignore Sensor Y?

Is it possible to tell ST to turn off or ignore nodes from a specific sensor if another sensor is already opened?

Here’s what I’m trying to do.

I will add a chime (ding dong) with integrated relay, when someone crosses my gate it will send a signal to that chime, make a sound and the relay will turn a light on for a few seconds.

That light will be powered through the relay, as well as through a smart switch.

The smart switch turns on the light if the home alarm or the smoke alarm is triggered.

What I want to avoid, in the unlikely event that the home or smoke alarm is on (sensor would show open), is to turn power on again through the gate sensor, which would fry the light.

So, IF Home Alarm or Smoke Alarm or IF Home Alarm and Smoke Alarm are Opened, turn off Gate sensor or ignore Gate sensor nodes.


This is an overly simplified version of it - but the premise is the same.

If Contact sensor 1 opens then:
Do Something… In this case - check the state of contact sensor 2
If that sensor is in the state you want - do something else
Else Do nothing

It looks like this:

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Now that said, to make your scenario work, you can’t have your ‘stuff’ (contact sensor, smoke, etc.) trigger the smart switch directly, you would instead have to create a virtual switch that gets triggered by your stuff and then when THAT gets triggered, run code such as the example above, and turn on the REAL device if it’s all true. That’s kind of how the SHM delay SmartApp works…

NOW here’s the real problem. Don’t setup devices that can fry each other, it’s bad juju. If someone comes up and manually throws the switch, automation be damned - fry city. You probably want to rethink how this whole thing is setup.

Thanks for the tips.
The alarm and smoke already trigger the smart switch using SMH custom rules, I want to add hooking up the light to the gate as well. CoRe was one idea, the other I’m leaning towards as it would be more reliable is using a second relay that would cut power from one source if the other is on but I did not figure out how to wire it yet. Maybe I’ll do both so it should be fail safe.

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Yes, do both. :wink:

“Fry some more!” is a catch line to be used by Alton Brown in Good Eats, not for electronics and humans…

If and when you do that, then create your virtual switch and have your stuff trigger that. Insert your custom code to act on the virtual switch.

Good luck!

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I figured out the wiring, I’m posting it here in case someone is interested.

I’m using the Guardline Wireless driveway Alarm (500 ft version) with 2 receivers.

1 receiver inside the house will sound when someone comes in. On the NO & COM connections of the receiver I attached a ZW097 z-wave dry sensor which triggers a push notification through ST as well when someone enters.

1 receiver outside (I have a shed with power alongside my driveway) will also sound simultaneously. The integrated relay will turn a strobe light on (attached to the shed) for a few seconds (integrated timer on the receiver for 1, 5, 10 and 60 sec). This is telling someone entering “we know you are here” - deterrent for uninvited folks.

The second relay is in normally closed position when not powered so current passes from the gate receiver to power the strobe light. In case the other alarms are on, it tells the smart plug to turn the power on. The attached 12 volts trans will power both the light and the relay, which will turn open the gate receiver circuit to prevent both working at the same time. Because the strobe light is wired to both power sources, the second switch of the relay must be used in NO position (switches to closed when the transformer is turned on). If not used it will create the relay to oscillate on/off as long as the gate receiver powers it and the light won’t work.


Parts below:








Plus whatever smart plug.