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webCoRE Forum Username Policy & Verification


As you have probably already gathered from the pop-up I placed on the webCoRE forum, the webCoRE email provider is currently down and the forum is not able to send automatic activation emails.

I will therefore need to send you the activation link manually.

I see you are a new user on this forum as well, so unable to send private messages, so I’ll send you a message now which you can reply to.

I’ll need you to provide the email address you used to register, as a security test, and then I can send you the activation link.

@RobinWinbourne new user requesting verification on Webcore Community Forum.

Thank you!

@RobinWinbourne - just requesting verification on the WebCore forum. Username is the same on both forums.



I’ve marked you as a verified St forum user and awarded the badge.

I’ll send you a PM so you can confirm security details for email activation side of things (as webCoRE emails are still down)

Robin, I am new to home automation. Just had setup stringifi to operated my thermostates to shut off on doors/sensors using smartthings. I have just been notified that stringifi was going to shut down at the end of June. So started doing research on using webcore. It appears that webcore may be not working with new smart things app. Any idea of a solution?

webCoRE works fine with the new app, only catch is that you first need to install it using the classic app.

Watch the video tutorial here:

I created a webCoRE profile using the same name
as my ST account.


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I have the same username on webcore as here.

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@RobinWinbourne Trying this again, username is same on Webcore as it is in ST. Thank you!

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I have created a webcore forum user with the same name - please verify.

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I have created a webcore profile with the same username…Sakman…as the ST forum.

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created a webcore profile with the same name

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You didn’t use the same name… looks like you used @mrkonyk on the webCoRE forum, which is fine as nobody is using that name over here.

Would have happened automatically the next time I run my script but I’ve removed the unverified flag from your profile manually so you don’t need to wait.

I have the same username on the webCoRE forum.

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I have the same username here in ST as in WebCoRE.


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I have the same user name on webcore and here. I did send you a message, but just wanted to make sure.



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I just created a Webcore account using the same ID.


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Same username on webCoRE as here.

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Kind sirs, I just created a webcore account using the same ID as here.

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Same username registered on webCore

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