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webCoRE Forum Username Policy & Verification


(Robin) #142

Your first message on this thread started (and completed) your verification.

The default banner is the “not started” one… most people see the message at signup and send me a PM, skipping all other steps.

Once a month I run a script to compare users on here and on webCoRE… matching names are flagged as “ST Username awaiting verification”. Non matching names are verified as “Non-ST”.

I then send a PM reminder to all the “Awaiting verification” users.

Two weeks later I send a second reminder PM.

Two weeks later I send an email.

One month later I delete the user.

(Adam) #143

Webcore and ST user names should match. I believe this should verify my accounts.

(Jack Connors) #144

I use the same username.

(Rafael Oliveira) #145

Same username.


I registered on the webCoRE forum as BrianD. That name wasn’t available here at ST, so I registered as Brian_D. Is it possible to change my webCoRE username to match?

(Paul McGrath) #147

Same username here!

(Robin) #148

You are @Brian_D on here and @BrianD on the WC forum.

As @BrianD is taken by another user on here you cannot use it on WC.

I’ll send you a PM so we can continue in private.

(Russ ) #149

Hello, I just wanted to reach out and let you know I created a user id over on the ST forum same as here. Thanks for the help.


I am using the same username here as well on WebCoRe


Hi, I watched your YouTube getting started videos - Thanks! I have created a webCoRE username with the same username that I just created in the ST Community.