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webCoRE Forum Username Policy & Verification


(Dave Y.) #102

I am trying to use the dyeatman name here.
I also use it in SmartThings
Tried to get a verification email but it never arrived.

Dave Yeatman

(savona) #103

I use this same name “savona” on both ST and WebCore communities.

I hope to learn a lot from you guys! Thanks in advance for making this resource available!

(Scott) #104


I’m the same person here and on the Samsung forums! Complete newbie to both. Please look forward to lots of stupid questions.

(Robin) #105

You are @bundito on here but appear to be the user called @dito on the webCoRE forum.

Amazingly @dito is not taken on here, so you are free to use it on the webCoRE forum, though I’ll have to mark you down as a non-ST user and I can’t award the verified badge.

If you want to be fully verified, I’ll need to change your name on WC, and to do that you’ll need to send me a PM with the email address you registered with (data protection reasons).

I’ll send you a PM now so you have something to reply to.

(Austin Cypert) #106

I use this same name “AustinKC” on both ST and WebCore communities.

I looking forward to learning more about webCoRE!

(Garland Smith) #107

My usernames on both platforms match. Thank you!


I created a webCoRE profile using the same name.

(Kevin Ji) #109

I have a different user name on webcore than here. webcore name: lifeishard

(Matt) #110

ST: BingChandler
Webcore username: mat


(AS) #111

Hi, Sorry I made a mistake when deciding a user name for webcore community. I thought I had signed up as cleenfeet, but I actually signed up as junkd here on smart things. Sorry. Can I change somehow?

If not a big deal, cleenfeet (webcore) = junkd(smart things).


(Robin) #112

@mat is unsurprisingly taken on this forum so you cannot use it on the WC forum.

Please choose a different name, suggest using the same name you use on here.

(Robin) #113

I can change your webCoRE name but not the name you used for ST.

(AS) #114

Ok then. I don’t have a preference. If it’s not a big deal, you can leave things alone. If you prefer to keep the names the same then you can change my WebCoRE username to junkd.



(Robin) #115

No preference here either… the only thing we need to ensure is that WC users don’t use names of persons already established on this forum. As @cleenfeet is not in use on here, it does not matter either way.

I’ll just leave things as-is and mark you as a non-ST forum user to remove the warning banner on your profile.

(AS) #116




I created a webCoRE profile using the same name.

(Charlie) #118

Hello, I just created a WebCoRE account. I believed I use a different name in SmartThings. WebCoRE seems very promising in doing what I want to do.


my name on webcore is lauzca_UNVERIFIED, please verify me!

(Robin) #120

I can’t find a user profile under the name of @2Charlie… I’ll send you a PM so we can do some further digging in private.

(Sean Rudden) #121

Created a WebCore Community account, my username for Smartthings and WebCore is Seanix.