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webCoRE Forum Username Policy & Verification


(Jimmy) #82

I probably used jimmyp

(Robin) #83

@JimmyP is in use by another user on this forum, so you can’t use it on the webCoRE forum I’m afraid. (unless you own both profile names on here?)

Please choose an alternative name and let me know so I can update it for you. Also, for security reasons, please PM me your email address so I can confirm you are the same user on both forums before I change the name.

(Jimmy) #84

Is JP1457 available?

my email addresses are:

(Robin) #85

Dude… I said PM lol

Suggest you delete that!!

(Robin) #86

@JP1457 is not in use on here by anyone else so yes, it is free for anyone to use on the webCoRE forum.

I’ve changed it for you.

(Joel Baranick) #87

I created a webCoRe account using the same name

(Ram) #88

Hello and yes, this is me. Thanks! Please verify my profile.


Same user on WebCore and ST forums, checking in.


Same user on webcore, please verify.


I use the same username for ST and webCoRE.

(JS) #92

same username for ST and webCoRE. :o)

(Juan Flores) #93

I have the same username on webcore as here.

(Jon Eskdale) #94

I have the same username on webcore and ST - Thank you

(Matthew Newman) #95

Hi. I’m posting here as requested so I can use the webCoRE forum. I’m trying to set up an interaction through a virtual switch and I was told that webcoRE was my best option for setting up the rule. It looks very complicated and I’m tempted to go with Stringify, but Stringify doesn’t support rBoy’s Weather Station and I’d like to stick with established ST things, rather than using data from another source. Sorry to ramble on, I just don’t know what i’m doing yet. I hope you can verify me.


(Juan Flores) #96

Thanks @RobinWinbourne for approving it!

(MarkB) #97

I use the same name on both


Hi, I’ve created a webCoRE profile with the same name

(Kylemcdonald87) #99

I use the same username for ST and webCoRE.

(Barrett Jacobsen) #100

same on both

(Charles Kron) #101

Hi Robin,
My user name, ckon, is the same here as on the Smartthings forums.

This is all new to me and a bit overwhelming, but I’ll plow through and get it eventully. Thanks for all the work you have done in helping new users like me and in managing this site. Great stuff!

Charlie Kron