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webCoRE Forum Username Policy & Verification


(Chris) #62

I created a webCoRE profile using the same name.


Hi. I have the same username for SmartThings & webCoRE forums.



Hi! Yeah, just made accounts here and ST community. Same user name on both.


Same username
Thank you

(Anthony Gaines) #66


(Trevor Staley) #67

Hi just signed up to webcore, using same username on ST.

(Lucas) #68

I’ve signed up on WebCore using the same username as ST Community: lnpianist7

(Andy Rouse) #69

I have the same username on WebCore & Smartthings forums.

(James) #70

Same username on here and webCoRE :slight_smile:

(Clint Russell) #71

I use the same user name on here and webCoRE.

(Kevin) #72

Same username here and webCoRE.


This is me

(J) #74

Same here.

(Sturgeon637) #75

Hello There!!

(Mabbe) #76

Same username here and webcore

(John ) #77

I created a webCoRe account using the same name

(Frank_B) #78

Hello and yes, this is me. Thanks!

(Robin) #79

There is no user called @Frank_B on the webCoRE forum??

(Jimmy) #80

Yes this is me.

(Robin) #81

There is no user called @jimmy1457 on the webCoRE forum.

Did you sign up with a different name?