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webCoRE Forum Username Policy & Verification


(Spencer Wagner) #42

I created a webCoRE profile using the same name. It was a week or two ago.

(Baivab) #43

Hello - I have requested access to Webcore community forum using the same user name. Kindly approve. Also, I never did receive the activation email into my gmail account. I did check spam folders also.

(Robin) #44

I can see your un-activated account and have pushed out a new activation email.

Perhaps you typed your email address in wrong… will send you a PM so you can reply with the email you used / should have used.

(Baivab) #45

Hello - thank you. I am checking but do not see any activation request, even in Spam folder. Kindly help in activating the account if possible. Unfortunately, I do not use any alternative email ID I can use.

(Robin) #46

other gmail users have successfully activated since your sign-up so messages are getting through the great wall of G.

Can only suggest you may have miss-typed your address but for data protection reasons I cannot release what was typed here or in a PM.

Send me the email address you intended to type (via private message) and I’ll check they match.

(Rob Lyman) #47

Hello, I am trying to get verification on webcore. the username is RLyman1

(Robin) #48

@RLyman1 is not a name that need to be verified as it is not in use on this forum.

I’ll mark you as non-ST to remove the pending badge (I’m overdue a run through the list otherwise this would have happened already).

(Rob Lyman) #49

Ok thank you

(Dan Jackson) #50

Dan_Jackson1 is my username on web and st, looking forward to learning!

(Michael) #51

Just registered on both sites. User name, hey8you, is the same for both.

(Ryan) #52

I have registered on ST and webCoRE with the same user name.

(Dre) #53

I have registered to ST and webCoRE with the same username.

(Sbaker1106) #54

I have the same username on webcore as here.

(Scott) #55

I have the same username on webcore as here.


Hello. I have the same username for SmartThings & webCoRE forums.


(Scott) #57

I created a webCoRE forum account using the same username as I have on Smartthings.

(Freinkelhouse) #58

Smartthings User Name- freinkelhouse
Webcore- Exportedafrican

(adam) #59

I have created a webCoRE account with the same username I have on Smartthings

(Neal ( / #60

@RobinWinbourne Just created an account. Same username.

(mike) #61

both my usernames are same