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webCoRE Forum Username Policy & Verification


(Robin) #21

Assume you are the person using @josh on the WC forum? That name is not available as it is already in use by a ST user. Would you like me to change your name to @Josh11 to match what you use on here?

(Robin) #22

@Josh11 I’ve just checked my emails and the person using @josh on the WC forum is @JoshT on the ST forum… what profile is yours on WC?

(Robin) #23

@JoshT… please can you confirm your email by replying on here… I need to know you have control over the @JoshT profile before verifying you.

(Josh T) #24

Confirmed I am JoshT on WC and JoshT on ST. My email is


(Robin) #25

One Josh down… one Josh to go lol

(Dave Gassner) #26

I don’t see how I can change the username here.
I’m in the “account” page and the username does not look changeable. See screenshot.

(Robin) #27

As I said above, only an admin (me) can change your name… I’ll do it for you now.

If name change was open to all, the verification process would be forever flawed.

(Josh) #28

I am josh11 here and Ender over there I believe.

(Jordan Lee) #30

I use the same name, jrdnly, on both. Could I get a verification please?

(Robin) #31

Can’t find an @jrdnly on WC… I’ll send you a PM.

(Angie Guedry) #32

I’m fine with leaving it as it is.


Same webCoRE username as here


Just signed up for both webcore and smartthings communities. Same username.

(david hoffman) #35

I signed up in ST and webcore. please verify

(Rajesh Mishra) #36

I signed up for ST today and webcore. Please verify.

(Rajesh Mishra) #37

Thanks for verifying !

(Aldo) #38

I have the same username on webcore as here. Can you help verify me user name?

(Robin) #39


(Graeme Ross) #40

I have the same username here and on webcore (hopefully!)

(Robin) #41