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webCoRE Forum Username Policy & Verification


I registered for webcore a long time ago (maybe 1.5 - 2 years ago) now when I went to recently edit my piston everything is gone in the ST UI and this site no longer has any record of my account so I can’t recover my password or login. Not quite sure how to get back in and recover my pistons which are actually still working despite not being able to see them. Any guidance would be appreciated.

(jkp) #183

Do you mean ? Do you get the login prompt? If you login, do you get any error messages? Need more details.


I mean that it’s like I never had an account…

  • The dashboard login comes up but it doesn’t take my password. It just refreshes the login box and clears it
  • I can’t login to the webcore forum because it has no record of me.
  • When I try to recover my password, it says there’s no account with my email associated.
  • In the Smart things UI, webcore is still installed, however there are no pistons shown to be configured.
  • In the smartthings IDE site, all 4 of the webcore smartapps still show up (they were outdated and I just updated them from the repository) but that didn’t fix the issue.

For some reason the piston logic seems to still be on my hub because i have devices that are being activated per the rules I configured in the pistons.

(jkp) #185

Ahhh… the dashboard and the webcore community forum are different logins. To reset the dashboard password, open the ST Classic app, go to Automation > SmartApps > your instance of webcore > Settings > Security

Sounds like you may not have a webcore community account, so you can go over there and set up a new account.


thanks so much for reminding me how to reset to password. I can’t believe I forgot about that.

Ha, it’s been so long that I last logged in that I forgot that the pistons no longer show up in the app and are configured on in the dashboard.

It’s been a long day, thanks for your help!

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(Robin) #187

I can confirm you don’t have a webCoRE FORUM account, but as you’ve already discovered, that is a completely different system to where pistons are built.

If you once had a forum account, it may have been deleted if you never verified the username, but feel free to sign up again and post on here to confirm you have used the same name on both forums.


I don’t know what a PM is?

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My user names and passwords are the same for both the forums

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(Robin) #190

PM = Private message… but only available for users on trust level 1 and above… new users like yourself start on trust level 0 and cannot send PM’s, hence why I maintain this public thread to cater for new users.

(Martin Christian Koch) #191

Same username. But why do you need that info.?