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webCoRE Forum Username Policy & Verification


(Robin) #1

Since the early days of the webCoRE forum, we have maintained a username policy.

Usernames on the webCoRE forum that match names on here pass through a verification process. This is done to avoid users impersonating established users on this forum. We had a couple of fake users (including ST staff members being impersonated), so we needed to stamp this out.

We also felt it would help with continuity across the two platforms and that users on here would appreciate having their names reserved for them, should they ever choose to sign up in the future.

On a regular basis I run a script which compares webCoRE forum names with those on the SmartThings forum. Matching names are flagged as follows:


During the sign up process, webCoRE forum users are asked to send me a PM on here to verify that they are the same person. I can then flag them as verified and award our ‘verified ST user’ badge.

In the most part this works however ST users at trust level 0 are unable to initiate PM’s. To verify these users I periodically initiate PM’s from my side. But this still results in those users being stuck with the orange flag until I message them.

If users don’t reply, I PM them a ‘Second attempt to reach out’ a few weeks later.

If they still fail to respond I update their flag to the following and send them a final warning via email:


30 days after that, their profiles are silenced, I add _UNVERIFIED to the end of their usernames and give them the unverified flag:

At the time of writing, 203 users are pending verification, 2118 users have been verified, 1075 non-ST names have been skipped and 65 users have been suspended for not responding.

This thread is for trust level 0 users to verify their webCoRE usernames so they don’t have to wait for me to send them a PM. Just reply to this post stating that you created a webCoRE profile using the same name, and I will do the rest.

I will put a link to this thread on the webCoRE forum signup page.

If myself or @cozdabuch like your post, it means we have completed your verification.

Thank You!

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(Jay S) #2

I have a different username on webcore than here

(A76virgo) #3

Hello and yes, this is me. Thanks!

(Robin) #4

@jaysuk@jay is taken by another user on here so you can’t use it on the webCoRE forum.

I will need to change your name on WC… is @jaysuk ok or do you prefer something different (and unique from here?).

(Angie Guedry) #5

I have the same username on webcore as here.

(Robin) #6

Your username on WC is @Aguedry, which is different… As that name is not used by anyone else on ST I had alaready placed you in the non-ST-username group, which is fine (we don’t expect people to use the same names).

Let me know if you want to change your WC username to match what it is on here (@Angie_Guedry)… but except getting a forum badge, it makes little practical difference.

(Jay S) #7

What’s here is fine

(Benji) #8

Yeah I think I had this issue at the start which you already corrected for me, a known troll on this forum who has previously attacked me and tried to get people to gang up on me by mass flagging my posts, created my username on the webCoRE community to pose as me and create arguments.

(Robin) #9


(Dave Gassner) #10

I got a PM from you on the ST forum, but I’m using different usernames here and and in WebCore: Dave_Gassner on ST, and Dave on Webcore.
Do I need to do anything?

(Eric) #11

@RobinWinbourne - In Dave’s case he is using two seperate names, but the name he is using on webCoRE Community is the same as someone else’s name here in ST Community.

(Dave Gassner) #12

So is this okay or do I need to change my Webcore username to Dave_Gassner? Not sure what the policy is…

(Eric) #13

Not sure. We will have to wait for @RobinWinbourne. I’m not sure if we thought through this scenario. Might make it easier on him if you changed it, but I’m not sure everyone will want to do that.

(Chris Elmes) #14

This is me on both Forums

(Angie Guedry) #15

I’m sorry, I thought I had the same username. I usually don’t have to login since I’ve saved my username and password.



Using same Username on webCoRE as here.

(Josh) #17

I have a different username here than I do on webCoRE.

(Robin) #18

Hi Dave, I’ve never sent you a PM on ST, as I had no link between the @dave on WC and the @Dave_Gassner on here.

Unfortunately, I’ll need you to choose a different name on WC as @dave spoken for. Suggest just changing to @Dave_Gassner but you can pick any name you like so long as it’s not taken on ST.

Let me know what you want to do, only a WC admin can change your WC name so I’ll have to do it for you.

(Robin) #19

This is the exact scenario we planned for… someone using a WC name that’s is used by a different person on ST.

(Robin) #20

So do you want to leave your WC username as @Aguedry or change it to @Angie_Guedry… both options are fine with us.