WebCoRE first time use, cant register dashboard

Hello. Im new with webCoRE and i’ve installed it on my hub. Then i’ve installed it on my mobile app. Everythinng went ok. I’ve set localization. And now i’m trying to assign my dashboard for first time. i receive code from app on mobile then im going to web side webcore.co/re , im writing code and then click register. and that’s all. new window is openinng and just this square on right down corner of screen is turning but nothing else happends. Does anyone have any clue what’s wrong?

Are cookies enabled in your browser?

Also, https://community.webcore.co is your best place to ask WebCORE questions :slight_smile:

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I hate to ask you these questions but have to I suppose.
Did you follow the instructions upload and publish the webCoRE smartapp first then upload and publish the other 3?
Have you published all the 4 elements?
Have you enabled oauth on the webCoRE element.

i know that this question is stupid and some peoples don’t follow instruction, but i’ve followed and i have published and oauth. I did everything that was writen in https://wiki.webcore.co/

yes, cookies are enabled

That’s how my screen looks when im writing code for first time dasboard register

Any ad/content blockers installed? what is the green icon with M in upper right-hand corner of your browser? if yes, whitelist the site

That’s McAfee WebAdvisor but i’ve added dashboard.webcore.co to safe sites so it shouldn’t block