Webcore Development on Windows 10 PC

Is there a way to write webcore pistons on a WIndows 10 PC. I am working on an IPAD and the screen is too small for my fingers and not being able to drag and drop has me rewriting a lot of pistons from scratch. It is also way too easy to hit a blank part of the screen and exit out of the editor. I tried on my Android tablet, and while I like the editor better it has it’s own set of issues like no “[” symbol, and the keyboard overlay popping up every time I click a check box. If there is a way to use my PC I could be 3 -4 times more productive. I searched for a solution, and I thought if I logged onto the webcore site that would be it, but it won’t take my credentials and a reset password doesn’t send an email Thanks.

You can access the dashboard from any browser

Remember you have to use the ST app to “Register a Browser” first.
This will give you a 4 digit code to enter into the WebCore screen to gain access.

Thanks for the help. I finally got it and it makes a big difference. I think I was on the wrong site.