webCoRE Delay / Issues? Sonos & Smart Outlet

Is there something going on with webCoRE over the past few days where pistons are running on a delay or not running at all?

My TV’s USB port does not turn off with the TV so I have the following setup:

Sonos Playbar
Smart Outlet
USB Bias Light plugged into the Smart Outlet

I have a piston set to turn on the outlet every time the Sonos Playbar is playing and to turn off the outlet every time the Sonos Playbar is in the stopped status. This has been working excellently for the past 1+ years. However, lately I’ve noticed that the bias light will turn on 10-15 seconds after the sound and a lot of times, not turn off at all.

Wondering if this is a webCoRE issue or an issue with the Sonos integration in SmartThings. I know Sonos is in labs mode and has been forever, but it has been working great for 1+ year and just started acting weird the past couple of days.

Any suggestions, ideas, tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

Have you tested those devices directly from the ST app to see how they respond? i.e. is there any lag when you turn the outlet on/off?

There’s no lag within the ST app with the outlet at all. I did notice that the status of my Sonos devices was not changing unless I went in and hit the refresh button. As soon as I did that the status changed. I wonder if the Sonos status is just not updating constantly like it should.

FWIW, I have experienced similar inconsistencies with my Sonos devices using ST and webCoRE since Sonos’s 10.1 update. As I understand it, Sonos decided to change the xml schema in the zone data, which prevents ST from identifying groups and players properly.

Hmm…that sucks. Everything was working perfectly before and now I will have to come up with a different way to get my bias light to turn on and off. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has them.

It does make more sense as to why my newly added play1 surround speakers keep wanting to get added every time I try to add a new device. I have them added to a room as part of a speaker group and didn’t expect them to show up every time as they don’t in other rooms.

We’ll need to get in touch with someone from SmartThings Labs to see
if the integration can be updated.

That would be great if someone could convince them to update it. I’m not sure how to contact someone from Smartthings Labs myself, so maybe you can if you are aware of a way to do so.

I contacted SmartThings support, and even they didn’t know who to
contact. I’d just like to know that ST Labs is aware of the issue.

Sonos 10.1 bug is now fixed!

Thanks. I can see something has changed. Will have to do some further testing. Do you have some specific knowledge or did you discover this just through observation?

Smartthings support informed me (I opened a ticket on it)



Thanks. Support wasn’t nearly as helpful when I contacted them. I must not be charming enough. :smile:

Definitely working better, but it’s still not quite there. ST doesn’t always reflect the current state (title/volume/grouping) of all of the speakers.

So this seemed to work fine for a few days, but looks like it’s back to not working properly. Anyone else having issues again?

I just started getting crazy delays now. Pistons either not running on button/sensor events, or getting delayed by 1-2 minutes.

Same Issue here …
My keypad triggers announcements to Sonos when arming the SHM
The Sonos announcements just timeout thus killing my pistons!
Are there any news on this ?