webCoRE critical update

Hey guys,

Please update your webCoRE to the latest version if you’re at a version prior to v0.2.100.20171211. Both CoRE and webCoRE are generating stress on the platform by executing certain methods that are “expensive” - this critical change is working around that issue to ease the stress on the ST platform and should make things work much smoother. Please be aware that this has been lightly tested. While I don’t expect any issues, please report back if you encounter any issues or errors you were not experiencing before updating.

I will update the legacy CoRE SmartApp to use the same method in the days to come.

Thank you for your understanding,


I am now compliant! :sunglasses:

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Thank you!

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Updated… nothing broken that I could see.

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Out of curiosity, were you given some sort of directive from SmartThings that WebCoRE was causing stress on the entire ST platform and to correct it?

Were there specific things identified that were causing specific issues within SmartThings and if so, what are they?

If everyone doesn’t update, does this just impact each individuals environment or is the goal to have everyone update so that it’s not impacting SmartThings as a whole?

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The impact is related to using the unschedule() method - it is “expensive” per ST documentation and causes trouble with time events - eventually leading to missed time events platform-wide. So the goal is to get as many users updated, so that the impact is less overall. And yes, ST has requested that we find a solution. And code was implemented server side to help address this.



Perfect. Thanks for the detailed explanation ady.

Will update as well.

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This is the type of response that I appreciate. No bs and straight to the point.


I just updated as well. Where is the easiest place to see the version? In looking at the web app it said v0.2.0fd which I couldn’t reconcile with the long version so I looked at the code in the IDE. THEN I actually looked at the date on the version you said if you were older than this and realized I had no need to look lol.

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All done and thank you.

Once Samsung get my tv talking to ST hug, I will be using WebCore again.
Oh I see the WebCore android app is out :slight_smile:

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I have updated mine as well as the three other instances for family that I help manage. Thanks for the heads up!

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