webCore and Scenes with new App

I’m trying to use the new ST iPhone App because the classic constantly crashes.
I can see my old “Routines” in webCoRe but not the new “Scenes” I made in the new app.
Any thoughts?

2.18.1 of Classic was reported to be available and someone posted that it fixed the crashes. Check to see if you can grab the update.

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How do I update Classic? I just reinstalled in the app.

2.18.0 is latest avail in App Store. Regardless, it’s prob good idea to start using the New app because they are definitely going to take Classic offline soon.

I’m on an Android and rolled back to 2.17. I can see in the Play store that an update was just released on November 26th, but it doesn’t show the version. (A mirror site for Androids shows that this version is the .1) I’m going on what I read in this thread as well:

Hopefully the App Store will get it shortly.

Is the switch to the New App eaasy peeezy?
What’s all involved ?

Have you searched this forum for “new app”? You’ll find many threads.

That way this one won’t go off-topic! :innocent:

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Scenes aren’t currently available in webCoRE in the same way Routines are. You can still execute them if you want to, but you have to handle the details of the commands yourself.

If you scroll down it should show the app version, which for the Nov 26th Android update should be 2.18.1. The update fixed the presence issues and app crashing issues for both my phone and wife’s phone, but the icon issue is still there.

Latest version of iOS app is 2.18.0

My app crashes whenever my finger goes anywhere near the dashboard!

Migration to new app is pointless if you rely heavily on WebCoRE for automations. Much of the feature set within classic is fundamentally different at the core to the new architecture that powers the new app. Scenes and SHM are just two examples of this. Any new device integrations set up in the new app are not visible within WebCoRE either.

Stick with the old app until these issues are addressed IMO!

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