webCoRE and Q6 and Q8

I posted this on the regular SmartThings forum and got a detailed response, but it was suggested that I post here as well.

What I am trying to do is control my new Samsung Q6 and Q8 with webCoRE. Is this possible?

Here is my original post:

Hi. I have had a SmartThings hub (Hub v2 US) for about two years and have been running webCore for quite a while. I love it.

I recently purchased a Samsung Q8 and Q6 TV. During the process of setting up those televisions I tried to get those TVs added to my devices so I can include them in pistons. I ended up having to migrate to the new SmartThings app. Now I have both the Classic and new app on my phone.

However, when I log into the SmartThings IDE (https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ ) on my laptop I see I now have two locations. The one my original old hub was associated with and a new location named “Home”.

The original location has all of my devices associated with it, but the “Home” location has the two new QLED TVs. The “Home” location has no hubs associated with it according to the IDE.

Where did this new “Home” location come from?

I want to move the two QLEDs to the other location. I followed the steps for moving a device to another location via the SmartThings App and while they show up as moved in that SmartThings app, I do not see them in the list of devices associated with the other location in the IDE or the Classic app. When I log into the new SmartThings app on my phone (where I executed the move), the “Home” location is shown as having no devices and the two QLEDs are associated with my old hub location (which is what I want). So it seems the two apps are out of sync.

Just to summarize I somehow now have two locations:

  1. Hyrule (location) with my v2 hub associated which has webCore and all my devices
  2. Home (location) with no hubs and the two QLEDs (at least according to the IDE and Classic app)

Thanks a ton!

I don’t believe webcore is able to control ST appliances or TVs on the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app at this point. Except for turning on/turning off using a virtual switch.

On and off via virtual switch would be sufficient for now.

Any ideas/suggestions as to how to get the devices into the webCoRE location?

Probably your best bet is to remove the two tvs and pair them to the location using the STSC app. There is a utility to move devices between locations in the new app but it seems most have problems trying to move devices.

Yeah, the move utility said it worked and when you look in the new app it says the TVs have been moved to the other location, but the IDE says otherwise.

It was suggested that I move all my existing devices from my old/original location to the new “Home” location. I’m just hoping this doesn’t affect webCoRE.

If the TVs won’t appear in the Classic app or IDE, how will I be able to do anything (power on/off) with them via webCoRE?

I believe I saw a post on the webcore forum where someone used virtual switches. You my want to post over there and see what others are doing.

Yeah, I’ve used virtual switches, but they still need to access the underlying device (TV) to do something with switched. No worries. Thanks for the help.

Tie your virtual switch to the TV with the custom automation creator in the new app.

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If I move all of my devices from the original location to the newly created “Home” will webCoRE still work?

Isn’t webCoRE installed on a per location basis? Will I need to install webCoRE in “Home” and then recreate my pistons, etc?

don’t do that. I thought you had everything on one location already?

In the new app I moved the devices (QLEDs) from “Home” to my original location. In the new app they now show as being associated with my old/original location.

But in the IDE and classic app they still show as being in the “Home” location. Very annoying…

ah, i thought they weren’t showing up at all in the IDE. Have you tried deleting them, deleting the extra Home location and then adding them again?

No I have not. They are showing up in the IDE, but associated with the “Home” location that was automatically created.

What is the process for adding them?

Also, why did you say to not move all my devices from my original location to the “Home” location?