Web Dashboard

This is great, thanks. I hope ST follows up on a web interface that was/is in the pipeline as well :smile:

Very cool and easy set up. Thank you

Thanks, worked great! No issues with getting the URL in the log. Look forward to updates.

This is awesome! I was planning on doing something like this but haven’t had the time. I intend on using some of your code in my thermostat app that I wrote.

Well, I think you are a hit (SMILE). Great work, easy to setup. Simple interface. Thank you so much for building this for us. It seems we have some great talents here on the board.

This is a great app and easy to use. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this. Very useful and straightforward.

Stay tuned for more!

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You’ve got my attention!

I can hardly wait!!!


I am like so waiting… So any hints…

Hi Alex,

Newbie question here, where can i find your app to install it? i try searching for it in the ST iOS app with no luck.

Sorry for the dumb question but i really like this and would love to have it installed.

Thanks in advance

I will find you a step-by-step tutorial tomorrow. I’m on smartphone, it’s hard to type.

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Try to follow these tutorials. I hope this would be more obvious for ST newcomers. Each and every one of us went through the pain of learning this.


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New version is here:

Looks like this project has not had any activity in years unfortunately and the Github link returns a Not Found error. Is there something else like this that people have been using? Thanks!

It is now a product:

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ActionTiles is definitely very popular, but it does have a license fee now.

If you’d like to see some of the various community – created free options, you can use the quick browse list in the community – created wiki to find these.

Look in the project reports section on the “dashboard” list. Anything that refers to “smarttiles” is referring to the previous free version of ActionTiles, which has now been retired, but there are several other current ones as well. :sunglasses:


Thanks! Which of the community services/code for this do you personally prefer? Likewise I’m also looking for the best real time stats / dashboard and graph solution if different than the tiles dashboard view. Thank you!

Personally, I like ActionTiles. As long as you’re OK with the license fee, it’s very cool and very intuitive.

Open-Dash is a new project just getting underway, no license fee, and they are aiming more at the power user group, so it has a lot of interesting features.

You might also want to look at the following thread for logging/charting options: