Web Dashboard 3.0

And then one tile that shows the status the Internet and another one for status of the Universe!

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I will see if I can add it quickly before next release.

Wow, I’m getting carried away…

You Canadians are so friendly.


This is going to solve a significant problem I was worried about in my new journey on the ST/HA road - my two sons, aged 6 & 11. For sure I didn’t want to give them control via the app and have things changed or worse.

Your labor is greatly appreciated.

That’s the whole point. You can give or take away access to all or some of the devices or create multiple instances for different people, rooms or screens. Whatever makes sense for your use case.

There’s no need to install ST Mobile app at all, so no one will mess with your settings.

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Thank you so much for the hard work! I am using V2.0 and it has worked perfectly so far. I am picking up a cheap nexus 7 to wall mount in my hallway, allowing my roommate to have easier access to statuses and functions.

Sorry for the Noob question but how do you go about installing Web Dashboard ?

@LiquidChef please look at the first post here

@mattjfrank I have looked at the original post and can’t work out how to install this app. I only got my hub two days ago so still learning and am not that much of a programmer. So a step by step guide would be very helpful.


Liquid Chef

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What you ask for has been posted to these forums numerous times, and that a search would have discovered. You first need to register for a developer account.

The more I explore this forum the more excited I get at trying to transition from Wink to ST. It’s amazing some of the things you guys have created. I have a feeling I’m going to be learning a lot over the next several months.

I tried Wink for a few days and found it to be lacking in many ways and very unreliable. I then ordered a SmartThings know your home kit used from the amazon warehouse. It had a few hiccups at first because the previous owner had not removed their account and had trouble getting it up and running. After Charlie in tech support went out of his way to contact the old owner to verify they weren’t using it anymore then pushed the newest firmware and software to my hub it has been an excellent experience. The support and knowledge of the Forum is enough in itself to make SmartThings one of the top choices out there.


Thanks for that @scottinpollock. I did do a quick search but couldn’t find anything, must have been what I was searching for.

Installed now and working

When 3.0 is available I will be a new Web Dashboard user!
I’m going to put it on my old ipod for others to use around the house, and probably on my iPad for my use…

I must be missing something… Where is the code? Love 2.0 BTW

Teaser. Don’t think Alex is done with it yet.

Discussion and Code Available at

Is it ready?

Hi @Fadi_Hamdan, I’m not sure if you noticed, but you replied to a 4 year old discussion. It’s now called ActionTiles, and a lot has changed. Here’s what you’re looking for:

@tgauchat, hopefully I haven’t incorrectly stated the ActionTiles legacy. Heck, I forgot Web Dashboard even existed back then. Damn, I’ve been around way too long.


Yes, it’s been ready for some time. Please visit ActionTiles.com to take advantage of the free 14 day trial.