Web-Based IDE Improvements

The built-in editor can simulate device and show you real ones. Let’s see your IDE do that.


Haha. Couldn’t resist.

So when I’m saying that your shoes are crap, your answer is yes, but my tie is awesome. :smile:

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+1 for a find and replace for sure…

logging to a file, I’ve been tempted to write a web based server logging tool, which would log my debug requests so I have persistent logs…

Ideally, log.toFile would write all log messages including the long ones, and then there would be a link on the side of the IDE to click to download the log.txt file for the simulator.

Yes but you start to go into areas where security becomes more of a problem with logging to a local file. I like the idea, but not locally due to the fact that would be opening up their security (if you happen to have bad security in your network) this could be a way for some zealous hacker to make his way into ST.

Security isn’t really an issue with a persistent text file… It’s just raw read access only, wouldn’t have any database storage like the current log.debug function does… In fact, one could argue the current logging infrastructure is far more vulnerable…

This would simply write out a text file server side, just like cameras write images to the cloud, and then only in the IDE would you be able to view the text file.

@pstuart you might be right there. I know from where I work, that we deal with issues similar to this all the time. But, this is not my area of expertise. So I will defer to you (SMILE)

This might be simple, might be impossible…

IDE Code window…

Word Wrap Text.

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+1,000,000 :smiley:


Is there any way to make it so that the “live logging” window can be scaled “portrait” - it cuts off real short when it is long

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May I suggest that the Cloud9 web-based IDE is worth taking a close look at for further ideas?

It has “runners” (execution / debug environments) for a few languages (e.g., Node.js) and apparently there is a way to plug-in more (Groovy can be selected for an editing environment).

It is a nice multi-pane IDE … I’m just starting to use it, so I can’t say for sure whether it beats my old standard of VisualStudio (or Eclipse, etc.). One major feature that is a benefit on large projects is concurrent - collaborative editing ability!



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Can we also force people to use semi-colons at the end of every statement of Groovy code?;

OK … I’m sure this is a religious argument. I’m just new to Groovy and I have a huge pet peeve about languages that don’t have mandatory statement terminators. It’s just asking for trouble, IMHO.

Hmph; Thanks++;

I second all the suggestions and would like to add one small thing “SPEED”. The slowness of the IDE when coding, saving, setting location and trying to simulate kills you most of the times.


Even better would be github integration combined with an ST plugin for the atom editor.

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atom.io is the bomb! Started using it a few months ago, coming from smultron. (Mac User)

I cannot get into Atom over Sublime Text 3. Sell me :slight_smile:

@Ben Honestly, I still prefer sublime text for my larger projects. But atom is getting better all the time. For small projects I have been using atom. It is free and hackable and it’s development and user base will soon eclipse sublime.

If I didn’t already use Sublime, I would probably be super excited about Atom. But since I do use Sublime (and have it lovingly configured to do exactly what I want), I don’t see an advantage to Atom.

The only real difference for me is the responsiveness. I have atom set up to behave just like my sublime config. The fact that sublime is a compiled application makes it much more efficient. Given that all I do all day is write code and I paid for sublime, I keep using it. Once atom performs better, I will switch completely.

Are there plans to and Intellisense to the IDE? I think adding this, while most-likely a considerable investment for SmartThings, would have a large payoff to the community. I can tell you from my experience that I do not have every class and library memorized. I’m just struggling to learn the basics of Groovy!