Does anyone have Weatherflow integrated into Smartthings or is working on an integration? Their website shows it as integrated but I do not actually see it as such

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LOL “Smarthome Ready” means they give you an API and you have to find a “developer” to create the integration, according to someone on their forum who is one of thier “Field Testers”…

Thats odd cause it actually shows the works with smartthings logo on the page but yes, that is all i found.

Yeah, via IFTTT :slight_smile:

I am curious how to get the info into webcore properly, could be useful there.

I received an email from Weatherflow tech support today. They expect direct integration with SmartThings before March 2020. Starting with their Tempest weather station.

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Just a follow up… They are still advertising it as “Works with SmartThings” but it would appear they haven’t even started working on the integration. Contacting support tells you to use IFTTT and to submit and vote for features for them to consider working on…

I found this one if anyone stumbles on this and was tricked into buying the Tempest like I was thinking it was going to work with SmartThings out of the box like they promised:

Vote here!