Weather Underground API for U.K.?

dose any one know if the API (the alerats bit works for the uk/europe)
ive tryed mainy configs but unless its america i get a query_zone:999 and no alearts
getWeatherFeature(“alerts”, “zmw:00000.1.07093”) // (paris)
this works “zmw:00000.1.16172” ,
this dosent “zmw:00000.20.03318”,
"zmw:00000.53.03334 " - manchester
“Preston” - give me a list of zmw numbers
“Preston, United kningdom” - query_zone:999 (and other configetions)

[alerts:[], query_zone:999, response:[features:[alerts:1], termsofService:, version:0.1]]

Not sure if its related but I got a notification about this today

so what is @smartthings doing with the getWeatherFeature?

also the data is a bit unreliable