Weather to be read out loud?

Good evening.

With the implementation of the new edge drivers, does anyone know how to get the weather tile to be read out loud through compatible speakers?


We had a sensor on the coat closet door, and once a day it would read the complete current weather out loud, and ever time you would open the coat closet thereafter it would give you the temperature outside. Has anyone figured out a way to do this at the moment, or do we all have to wait for Smartthings to release a new routine tied to the weather tile?

You should be able to get an Alexa routine to do that pretty easily, do you use Alexa?

Thank you. Unfortunately we do not have Alexa but we do have google in the house. I can try to tie it in but I’m unsure if it will work with the SmartThings sensors.

Historically, Alexa has offered more home automation options through its routines than Google did, but I know Google added some more recently, so I’m not sure what’s possible right now. Hopefully someone else will.

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OK, it looks like you can trigger a Google routine to read the weather from a motion sensor, but not a door sensor yet.

It might be possible to have a physical contact sensor activate a virtual motion sensor and use that to trigger the Google routine, but again, hopefully someone who knows more about it than I do will respond. :thinking:

You should be able to do it with a virtual sensor with that has a switch capability.

In ST, you need one of those drivers (there are several to choose from) and use it to create a contact or motion sensor. Then set 2 routines to control the sensor state and the synchronized switch capability base on your physical sensor.

Then in Google, create a household routine and use the virtual sensor switch state of on trigger your weather.

The once per day thing might add complexity and others might know how to solve that part.

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Thank you very much.