Weather Station Reporting Precipitation and Lux When There Isn't Any

Hi all,

Hope I’m writting this in the right place and someone could help me.
Is there a way to know from where exactly is a device pulling data from, in this case a Weather station I have on smartthings that someone gets almost everything right except for Lux and precipitation.
right now it doesn’t rain for more thna 8 days but the precipitation keeps showing numbers, same thing for Lux, right now it’s 2am, no light or moon to create any type of lux on the station sensor, if I check weather underground I see 0 lux, 0 uv and 0 precipitation but again in the app I keep getting values…

You might want to check the placement of your weather station to ensure it’s not affected by external factors like nearby lights or objects.
As for knowing where the device is pulling data from, you might need to check the specifications or documentation of your weather station. Sometimes, weather stations pull data from local sensors or online sources, and knowing this can help troubleshoot any discrepancies.
If the issue persists, you could consider resetting or recalibrating your weather station. If that doesn’t work, then perhaps it’s worth considering replacing it. I’ve also found some options for weather stations.