Weather (snow) related smartApp

I’m trying to write a weather related smartapp, and I think I almost have it working, but not quite…

I’m getting sick of the cold snowy weather, so tried to write something to stop it. I almost had some success today: the snow turned to sleet, and then just plain rain for almost an hour. However, then the 5pm “peak time” came around and it went back to snow.

I’m not sure if this is related to the higher usage that the ST servers see around that time of day, or if there’s a bug in my app. Can anyone offer any advice? (I considered moving a few miles south, but the hub doesn’t have that kind of range.)

Any ideas?


I heard in France you can absurd amounts of money to have planes disperse chemicals into the clouds to ensure your wedding is sunny and bright. Perhaps a SmartApp that calls them and excepts a check or cash.

Although they might have a hard time with this Thor fellow that I too shall have to face…

We need something like that in jersey. Waiting on 4-9 inches tonight… :frowning:

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Device Type Alaska Airlines to Kauai… Tomorrow.

if name == "CosmicPuppy"

I sure hope it works. I have already installed capability.tan, swim, dive, hike, kayak, ...

Wouldn’t that require inheritance?

Would help, but there’s work-arounds, or really good abstraction.

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I’ll beta test!

Just came in from an hour’s shoveling. New house with twice as much sidewalk and three times the driveway. I now have an envelope with “snowblower” labelled on it and put my spare change in it.


I would rub it in that it was 68 and sunny here in Las Vegas today but that would just be mean.