Weather No Longer Working ($twcweather)

I have a piston that checks today’s forecast + the nest 3 days… Then divides by 4 to give me the average.

I use this to set my Nests to either heat or off.

When the average # is under X, then it turns off.

I see there was a change to start using $twcweather.forecast.temperatureMax.

This works for the minimum…
`$twcweather.forecast.temperatureMin[0]’ returns a valid value that I can verify using Google.

When I use it for $twcweather.forecast.temperatureMax[0] it always returns 0.
When I change it to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc… it returns values other than 0.

Anyone else see this before? I couldn’t find anything saying it was a known issue…

best place to post your question would be on the webcore forum :slight_smile:

Hi- I already did that! I get valid returns, except when using max[0]…

and here is their new wiki page

Sorry about that… I didn’t see the first line you wrote; that I should ask in the webcore forum!

Thanks =)