Weather "Device" Never Updates Automatically

I found the “Weather” device type when going through the devices under IDE.

I added it and my zip code and found it worked fine…

Problem is, it NEVER updates on its own. I can manually refresh it and it works fine, but it most definitely never updates on it’s own… Is there any way to fix this?

polling has been broken for years !!!

there are hacks all over this forum but few work. pollster is OK but doesn’t work for me most of the time.

You can write a smart app which subscribes to something that reports on a regular basis like a power meter and then have the smart app poll when it gets the subscription call. That’s what I have done using Rule Machine which isn’t available anymore.

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Try the smart app here: Smart Weather station tile app

It’s been working pretty reliably for me and on average updates 3-5 times an hour, often more, sometimes less.