Weather Automation Bug / Android V1.7.51.42

I have been having issues with the new weather option when creating automation in S.T.

Specifically, the ‘Equal or above’ option under the weather menu. Strangely enough, the ‘Equal or below’ option seems to be working fine.

The correct temp is displaying on S.T.'s home screen from TWC but for some reason, it is not working correctly for me when I run an automation.

The workaround is to just use one of my multi-purpose sensors in my garage to trigger the automation which reads the same as the outdoor ambient temperature but this new feature in S.T. should be working.

Can I get someone else to please confirm?

Yes I’m having the same problem with my automation when I use the temperature condition - the device will not turn on

The Rainy or Cloudy mode does not seem to be working currently. I thought it was working a few weeks ago.