Weather API Changes

Even with this, PWS still doesn’t seem to work in the SmartThings Smart Weather Tile. Are you going to re-implement PWS functionality with Smart Weather Tile?

looks like the update to Smart Weather Tile is in progress

@Automated_House Thanks! Didn’t think to look in the repo.

Works fine for me!

Is there any weather app that works qith bit smartthings apps?.

Ill give it a try. Thanks.

The source code is a zip file. I know how to manually apply the code in the ide but Ima not sure to to use the zip file.

Unzip the file or use the github repository and do an update from repo

Ok i got it setup. Thanks.

Thanks @jkp for pointing to my app. @allison, let me know if you have any issue/questions

Does this mean that the transition is considered complete now? Previously there was an hourly forecast available (and based on the TWC API website, it is available there as well) but there is no way to access that with the new API :cry:

A more granular forecast would be much better to allow for smarter decisions when controlling things…

I tried the adding the repo, but when I try to update from repo, its empty.
I also tried unpacking the zip file and doing an import from the “…groovy” files but that doesn’t work either.

You should go to the post I linked above and post there so the developer can respond to you

Oh right…sorry and thank you!!

My favorite thing about ST was that I’d set up the house accent lights to change color based on how far off the day’s forecast is from the historical average. Looks like I’m out of luck here?

I guess I could create a manual table of the average temperature for each day of the year…

Right now my SmartWeather Station Tile works when I don’t put in a zipcode or pws. But if I enter my zipcode or if I put in my station ID with pws:XXXXXXXXX then it no longer updates at all.

I have seen similar. it seems either nothing, or longitude/latitude is all that works.

Mine still works with PWS ID. Always has done.

You should check if you are using an old driver with the old api (which is going to be turned off).