Weak colours on non hue bulbs

I haven’t found any threads on this so posting to see if anyone else has noticed this and possibly have an idea to fix.
I am getting really weak and washed out colours especially red if I use smartthings to control non Philips lights like osram or tcp via the Hue bridge.
What I’ve noticed is the following:

  • If I change the colour using the Hue app I have no issues.
  • If I don’t use the Hue bridge and connect the bulb direct to ST the colours are also good.
  • It is only poor when going from ST via Hue to Bulb (non Philips).
  • ST to Philips bulbs show no issues.

Any ideas?

I prefer to go via Hue because of the many Hue apps available eg disco, huey etc… Which incidentally also have no issues with washed out colours!