We would love to get your feedback!

Hey SmartThings Community!!!

We are conducting a survey and would love your input. It should only take about 8-10 minutes of your time. Please click the link below to provide your feedback. Thanks in advance for participating!


The survey is not usable with a screen reader. :disappointed_relieved:

The navigation is really random and not all fields are accessible by voice.


No way to answer #8 as N/A. Had to put Poor for all to Submit

Thanks for sharing! I fixed the error

Thanks for sharing. I find the error

8 to 10 minutes !!
I could spend a week writing a thesis on why the app should be attached to a lead weight and dropped over board


It’s perfectly capable of sinking on its own without a weight. But I would highly recommend not spending that week. When have you seen anyone listen and actually address the issues in the tragically poor app?

I did complete the survey after fighting with the navigation issues.


I did mine at about 2am having woken from a particularly weird dream.

I couldn’t really get a feel for where it was going. Every time SmartThings seemed to be mentioned in a broader context things seemed to get dragged back to the mobile app in particular.


Thank-you for doing the survey. I’d like to see something similar directed at developers.


No fix or reply from st on broken forum for mobile, posting here for hopefull acknowledgement


Sorry I missed the survey. If you’re still accepting feedback, I wanted to pass along that the iOS app is absolute crap. Search my threads for the tens of support cases that have gone unresolved. Thanks.

I made that known when I completed it, for what it’s worth. We’re told to leave reviews on the app stores, send emails to Support, respond to surveys, provide details in threads here where staff ask for it and years later, nothing. Absolutely no improvement. They obviously have no clue or don’t care.

Just yesterday I got logged out of the app on my iPad. We all know what that means - I lost the order of my rooms and devices and with 327 devices it’s so much fun trying to reorder things when response times on the app are so bad. But just normal usage of the app is just so slow.

Again, apps that use the API absolutely sing. For example, the third party Apple Watch app I use has instantaneous response times. Go figure.

Their priorities are elsewhere. I’m sorry, but this survey feels like lip service to me - they haven’t listened to any other feedback. I would love to be proved wrong.



Yes - fully agree. I couldn’t have documented issues any better or offered any more to help troubleshoot. Only to be left with the response that the performance issues I experience are “expected”, to quote @nayelyz.

Samsungs ONE UI is just not agile enough for the Smartthings eco system, one size does not fit all and the ONE UI offers… or appears to offer no room for flare or the agility that the multitude of devices require
However ONE UI cannot be blamed for the shameful performance on iOS

It says the survey is closed