We need a 'Known Issues' page

(Greg Fountain) #1

It would be extremely beneficial if we had some sort of ‘Known Issues’ page sort of like the SmartThings Status page. This way we know at a glance if something is broken and support has acknowledged the issue, if it is a WIP, if it has been resolved, or if there is a known workaround. It would also help if there was a link or button we could click named, “Me, too” or something similar so we can upvote or let support know more than one person is experiencing the issue.

For instance, my dashboard kept showing ‘null is open’. I opened a ticket with support, and they acknowledged it was a known issue and was a WIP. It would have helped to be able to open a webpage to see if it was known issue so I didn’t have to bother support.

Frustrated by the state of things
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(Edward Pope) #2

Yep I agree with you, but currently pleased that they have built a process that tells us when there is an outage. We did not have that for a while. And now with the updates to the apps, they are letting us know what the changes are currently.

(Darryl) #3

@theedpope : Yeah, they have a process, though its not close to perfect. I had an issue a few days ago, and checked the status page multiple times to see no reported issue on the status page :frowning:

20-30 min later, it started working fine again.